The Harmony of Being

The beauty of music resonates deeply within each person. The complexity of music with its content and structure has the potential to hold all psychological and emotional experiences for the listener. As the relationship with music deepens the listener is able to transform the fragmented and sometimes trapped aspects of self, acknowledging these losses together with the joys and wonders of a lived experience into a more cohesive sense of self – the harmony of being.

Training in Music & Imagery and Guided Imagery & Music (GIM)

Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent level of academic training and life experience. Applicants also require their own professional indemnity insurance or evidence that they are covered by their place of work.

Training:  Training consists of 3 Intensive Levels.

Level 1 – 30 hours of didactic and experiential training introducing music and imagery methods, imagery and symbolism, working in altered states of consciousness, and mandala drawing as a therapeutic process. Experiential sessions include both individual and group experiences.

Level 2 – 50 hours of didactic and experiential training at a greater depth than Level 1. Training will include the core elements of GIM, contra-indications, session structure, inductions, guiding skills and processing skills. 10 practice sessions in non-clinical settings are required.

Level 3 – Trainees are facilitating the GIM process in a supervised clinical practice. Teaching is over a minimum of 2 years involving 3 x 5 day intensives or equivalent. Trainees conduct 75 sessions with clients, 15 of which are supervised, and pursue 15 personal therapy sessions in GIM. There are reading and written requirements.

At the completion of Level 3 trainees are able to register with The Music and Imagery Association of Australia, MIAA and The Association for Music and Imagery AMI in USA.

Training for 2018

  • Level 1 – 5 day residential in Melbourne June 5 – 10
  • Level 1 – 5 day residential in Sydney October 23 – 28 CANCELLED
  • Level 1 – 5 day residential in Melbourne November 4 – 9

Training for 2019

  • Level 2 – 7 day residential in Melbourne March 30 – April 6


For more information and an application form for Level 1, please contact Carolyn Van Dort.