Why Music?

  • When a person listens to music s/he connects to the language expressed in the music; the rhythm, the melody, the instruments and the tonality are some of the elements of this language. This language evokes a response from within the listener.
  • The responses will vary depending on the listener’s mood at that time, the perceptions, or understandings, about his/her life and what is occurring at this time. These responses may be
        • visual images, similar to daydreaming or dreams
        • memories,
        • emotional experiences
        • body responses
  • Used as a therapeutic modality the client is able to understand, and put into context, previously held thoughts, perceptions, behaviours and emotional experiences that may currently cause distress and pain.
  • This process of psychotherapy is known as the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM).